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Termites cause over 2.5 billion dollars in damages annually to properties due to their cellulous eating diet. They are known for their rabid wood eating, which can disturb any residents. Give us a call if your home has been affected by termites! Our trusted termite wood repair in Torrance, CA will restore your home back to its condition in no time. After the termites have been eliminated from the structure, the damaged wood members will need to be restored to ensure your safety.

Signs Of Termite Damage

There are a number of signs that point to the presence of termites in your roof framing or the connected ceiling rafters. The most obvious potential signs include:

  • Sagging in your roofline
  • Sagging ceilings
  • Loosened shingles or roof tiles
  • Visible termite wings or dead termites in your attic
  • Framing members that are visibly eaten away
  • Framing members that produce a hollow sound when you tap them
  • Presence of mud tubes on the exterior surface of a wall or chimney
  • Smell in your attic that resembles the odor of mold or mildew.

During swarming season, you may also see live winged termites in your attic or around the exterior of your home. These creatures resemble winged ants but differ in several ways.

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Count On Us!

Fischer LLC Painting and Gutters has a wood repair crew with construction experience. Our team is able to ready to restore the beauty of your home or office. Our termite wood repair in Torrance, CA can tackle any structural termite repair and restore your home as good as new. After the construction has been completed, our wood repair team will focus on restoring damaged stucco. As a result, we also do painting on exposed surfaces to make your home look its best. Give us a call today! Estimates are always 100% free. 

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